About Karen

As of June 2018, after spending several years working as a freelance web developer (specialising in WordPress websites and plugin development), I am now thrilled to be working for Automattic as a Happiness Engineer!


I am a web developer living in the north of Scotland. While I’ve been working with the web for many years, I have been freelancing as a web developer since October 2015.

I build responsive, semantic, clean websites and applications, and specialize in WordPress development. My skillset includes:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • WordPress Development:
    • PHP
  • Static site generators:
    • Jekyll
  • Tools:
    • Gulp
    • Git
  • Design tools:
    • Photoshop
  • SEO

My interest in web development started in the late 90’s, building static websites with HTML and CSS. I studied Computer Science at the University of Western Australia for 2 years, but then decided to move to the north of Scotland and later finished my studies with the Open University studying Business and Marketing, gaining a BSc (Hons).

Prior to freelancing in web development I’ve been working in Online Communications, focussing on marketing through social media and websites in both the non-profit and retail sectors. Working with websites in this way reignited my passion for coding and allows me to bring the digital marketing knowledge I’ve gained on board with all new web development projects I work on. I also offer digital marketing services.

Outside of formal education I also hold the following digital marketing credentials:

Karen Attfield Google Digital Garage Certification



To me, a website is more than just a nicely compiled bunch of code. It is a tool to help you grow your business, and as such my job when building you a website is to make sure that it helps you both reach and engage with your growing audience.

But enough about websites. You clicked here because you want to find out a bit more about me. Feel free to visit my Twitter bio to see some of the things I share and talk about. Apart from WordPress and web development you’ll find me tweeting about sustainability, the outdoors, and human / equality rights. I love both coffee and green tea, interchanging happily between both. And my ideal background music while I work would most likely be meditation or ambient music soundtracks. I have a huge appreciation for the power of music and sound.