Terms and Conditions

My terms:

Hourly rate: £25/hr

I won’t offer a fixed price on a project unless it is defined and specific, but for web development projects I work on an hourly rate while defining the project and then a combination of fixed price for the first phase (planning and structure) and an estimate for the second (design). Anything extra outside of the agreed project will incur an extra cost on an hourly basis. For ongoing site maintenance I work on an hourly rate within a defined agreement (unless otherwise agreed); for anything extra such as site changes and support I also charge an hourly rate.

Before beginning a project, where a fixed price has been agreed I ask for 50% payment, with the remainder due on completion.


If hosting is required, payment for hosting begins as soon as work begins on your site. I recommend that this is done by yourself through a provider of your choice (I will provide guidance as to what hosting is needed depending on your requirements). This allows you full control of your website should you need it in the future. As I wouldn’t be hosting the site, I cannot offer technical support related to site hosting, email or other services relating to web site hosting other than during the initial set-up.

Ongoing maintenance / update service:

The web is ever evolving and as such all websites, particularly those on content management systems such as WordPress, need a certain degree of maintenance to ensure they are secure and that any functionality (for example plugins) continue to work as other areas of the site are updated.

I strongly recommend you sign up for ongoing maintenance, either with myself or a third party. Find out more about why site maintenance is needed and the maintenance service I can provide.


I invoice monthly for ongoing maintenance / updates, unless the amount is less than £100 in which case I carry the cost forward.

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