Green Bridge Organics

Putting Green Bridge Organics on the Map

Green Bridge Organics: Desktop

Green Bridge Organics is a coffee roasting company who sell bags of organic, fair-trade and direct-trade coffee beans. The coffee is sourced as directly from the producer as possible, and is roasted on site from their base in Findhorn, Moray.

The Brief:

Green Bridge Organics were looking for a playful themed site, that would showcase their products and allow them to sell their products online through online orders and subscriptions.

The Solution:

Green Bridge Organics Subscriptions Page
Subscriptions page with PayPal integration
Green Bridge Organics Shopping Cart
WooCommerce integration, including weight-based shipping

The styling of the website extended from the logo (designed by a third party), using similar colours and a playful heading font. The front page call to action is clear with a prominent ‘Visit Shop’ link and featured products.

This is a new e-commerce website built on WordPress for ease of product and content management. The e-commerce platform used was WooCommerce. The site is fully responsive, with a particular focus on the front page which hides some of the extra content on mobile screens to allow for easier navigation.

Further SEO work was done after the build (beyond technical and fundamental SEO incorporated into all builds) to help the site reach top positions for relevant searches.

Main Features:

This project involved:

  • Customisation of an existing WordPress theme
  • WooCommerce integration for e-commerce
  • Customising WooCommerce native settings to fit the design
  • Integration of SSL
  • PayPal integration for the subscriptions page
  • Custom footer, header and menus
  • Custom front page including front-page banner &  featured products display
  • Custom coded front page blog integration (2017)
  • Responsive design
  • Advanced SEO


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