Expressing Hellygog’s Creativity


Hellygog Desktop Image

Hellygog are a family owned and run shop, gallery and working studio creating textiles, paintings, crafts and arts. They are passionate about upcycling and recycling materials, and run daily courses in needlework, wet feltmaking, art & sculpture, and more.

The brief:

Wanting a one-page website to reflect their quirkiness & creativity, Hellygog provided a sketched design for a simple, fun site.

The solution:

The main feature of the page was the navigation links, extending out from the tail of the ‘y’ in the logo on all but the smallest screen sizes which prominently show the textile-rich links underneath the logo.

No content management system was needed as the intention of the site was to point customers in the right direction for what they needed, for example the online shop and gallery, all of which currently exist separately.

The site was developed on the front-end with HTML5 and CSS3, generated statically with Jekyll and served via GitHub Pages.

Main Features:

This project involved:

  • Custom static site
  • Static site generation with Jekyll
  • Responsive design
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