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K1 Desktop Screenshot


K1 is a custom-built open-source WordPress theme that I designed and developed in late 2015 and early 2016. It has had a few minor modifications since then to update the styling, including the addition of box-shadows to add depth on the front-page widgets and banner, bringing elements of the current Material Design trends.

From the Photoshop mock-up, the design was built with HTML and CSS, using LESS to speed up the build and make the code cleaner and easier to read. It was built to be responsive, including the addition of a jQuery mobile navigation menu.

Several elements of the site are customisable via the Theme Customizer – the top banner and associated text and link, as well as the widget areas and the ‘About Our Work’ section. There are up to three widget areas in the footer, and two on the front page of the site.

K1 Theme Widget Area
Front-page widget areas

It is perfect for a blogging site that requires a custom front page with several customisable widget areas. A live demo can be viewed at: http://k1demo.byethost6.com/ (note – the randomly generated banner images are served via lorempixel.com, which can at times be slow, but is just used for demonstration purposes).

The source-code is available to be viewed or downloaded via GitHub: https://github.com/coder-karen/k1

This project involved:

• Custom WordPress theme development
• Two widget areas on main page
• Three widget areas in the footer
• Customisable ‘About our work’ section for main page via Theme Customizer
• Customisable top banner image, text and link for main page via Theme Customizer
• Responsive design

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