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yourSanctuary are a Surrey based charity that provide services and support to individuals experiencing domestic abuse. Their website serves as both a resource point to provide information to those affected by domestic abuse and also to direct them to the services that can best help them. Some of those services include Helpline (a specialist domestic abuse helpline) and their refuge services where they provide safe houses for women and children fleeing from abuse and violence.

The Brief:

yourSanctuary were in the process of moving web hosts and were looking to get their current site migrated. A basic bootstrap template was already in place, and the charity required all the content to be moved across as well as modification of the template styling to fit their brand and their needs.

The Solution:

yourSanctuary footer
Footer elements built with Bootstrap

The footer was completely redesigned, and in extending the bootstrap template all footer elements were built with bootstrap. Bootstrap is a responsive, customizable, highly flexible framework – it’s strongest feature is its 12-column responsive grid system.

The header was also customized with bootstrap elements, and site styling was modified to be consistent with the charities branding.

The previous website incorporated a sticky ‘click away’ tab, which was an important feature to retain on the new site as it provides visitors the opportunity to click away to another site (in this case the BBC) if they are visiting yourSanctuary’s website from an unsafe place.

Several JavaScript elements were incorporated including Google Analytics scripting (giving the charity the ability to monitor site traffic) and a custom favicon.

When the site was ready to go live, domain re-pointing support was provided to ensure a smooth transition from the existing site to the new site.

Main Features:

This project involved:

  • Customisation of an existing Bootstrap theme
  • Custom footer & header
  • Sticky elements (click away tab)
  • JavaScript elements including Google Analytics and a custom favicon
  • Domain re-pointing
  • Responsive design
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