Hi friends 🙂

I am a Happiness Engineer working for Automattic, providing support for Jetpack, Akismet, Gravatar and VaultPress.

Previously, I was a web developer who had been developing websites on WordPress.org for several years. This blog is a fusion of web development information from my experience developing custom websites, as well as my experience on WordPress.com.

I love coding, messing about with websites, finding solutions to problems, learning from my mistakes, and trying to help people learn from what I’ve learned sorting out those mistakes!

I am also passionate about equality, living sustainably, and helping people whenever and however I can.

When my computer is turned off I’m generally hanging out with my rescue dogs or hiking through some of the amazing forests and moors here in Scotland.

When I was learning about web development, I learnt so much from the blogs of other developers, who’d also learnt through their trials and errors. In the same spirit of giving back and in ‘remembering the days before I knew everything’ from the Automattic Creed (who knows everything?!?), I aim to share some of the things I learn here on this blog.

You can also find me on Twitter!