I am currently a Developer Apprentice at Automattic, working with the Jetpack Crew. The Developer Apprenticeship is a year long program, hopefully leading to a full-time developer position.

Prior to that I was a Happiness Engineer at Automattic for just over a year (providing support for Jetpack, Akismet, Gravatar and VaultPress) before becoming a team lead for just over 2 years.

Prior to that again, I was a web developer who had been developing websites on WordPress.org for several years. This blog is a bit of a fusion of web development information from my experience developing custom websites, as well as my experience as a Happiness Engineer, and now after a gap of about 3 years I hope to be adding posts more often again.


I am passionate about equality, living sustainably, and helping people whenever and however I can.

When my computer is turned off I’m generally hanging out with my rescue dogs or hiking through some of the amazing forests and moors here in Scotland.

You can also find me on Twitter (though I’m not on there very often any more).

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