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Update April 2022: The Maps for BuddyBeacon plugin is no longer available via the plugin repository. The decision to remove it was made because the ViewRanger API that it is based on is no longer functional in the same way. Outdooractive now own BuddyBeacon but the information available via their API won’t allow past beacon data to be shared, which was the basis for this plugin. It is still available (and will remain available) to download from GitHub, if you have old beacon data that you want to continue to display.

Maps for BuddyBeacon is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display map tracks over a set time period or live via ViewRanger’s BuddyBeacon capability. The markers are shown on a Google Map, with an optional info box displaying map title, date range and distance covered. Info Windows provide information for each beacon (date, altitude, longitude and latitude).

Download Links

This plugin is available to download from the repository.

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The most recent source code for this plugin can be found on Github.

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This plugin works by displaying your custom Google Map and route through the use of shortcodes on any page or post. Your BuddyBeacon ‘routes’ can be defined by selecting date and time ranges to match your trip, or for a long-distance or live adventure you can set the end date to ‘current’ so that the map shows your live route.

Customization options range from map type (eg. roadmap, satellite, terrain, hybrid), to beacon and route colours, beacon shape, and map alignment and size. You can choose to hide or show the Info Box underneath the map (which shows the map title, date range and total distance covered – in miles or kilometres), as well as customise the background and text colour. You can also click on each individual beacon on the map to see an Info Window with information from that particular beacon – date / time, altitude, and longitude / latitude.

To display a map in a page or post just add the shortcode: [bb_maps id="{id}"] where {id} is the id of the map you want to display, for example [bb_maps id="3"]. For more information see the ‘FAQ’ section.



  • Display map tracks live or over a specified date range on a Google map.
  • Customize your map route display – beacon shape and colour, route colour.
  • Customize your map display – satellite, hybrid, terrain or roadmap.
  • Display map route information – total distance covered (in km or miles), date range, map title.
  • Display individual beacon information via Google Maps InfoWindows (showing latitute, longitude, altitude and date).
  • Delete beacons from routes.
  • Manage all your maps from the manage maps settings page.
  • Use a shortcode to display your chosen map in any page or post.


Front-end display

Example Maps for BuddyBeacon display

‘Add Map’ settings page

BuddyBeacon Add Map page

For more information and to install the plugin, visit the Maps for BuddyBeacon plugin page at

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