Global Healing Sounds

WordPress Theme Customization

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Global Healing Sounds is a website built to act as a resource point for sound healing and music therapy.

It was a personal project, and the intention was to create a site that easily directed visitors to information about sound / music therapy as well as other interactive areas of the site such as a news page and listening room including integration of sound/music sites such as Soundcloud.

This was a redesign and refresh as the site was previously built with a WordPress theme in 2013. As I was redeveloping on an existing domain the new site was built locally, and I opted in this instance to upload it to a sub-directory of the domain rather than to the root. The home URL was then pointed to that sub-directory.

This project involved:

• WordPress theme modification
• RSS feed integration
• Sticky, transparent footer
• Mailchimp newsletter sign-up integration
• Responsive design



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