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KSES is a school for high-school students with special needs. The website provides a point of communication between the teachers and parents in order to relay news and important information as well as showcase the achievements of current students.

The Brief:

In this project I was tasked to redesign this school website to give it modern yet simple styling, enabling it to be responsive and allowing for a featured article display on the homepage.

The client required an easy to manage interface for all staff to be able to use.

The Solution:

The styling of the website extended from the existing logo, integrating a custom colour scheme.

The website provides a point of communication between the teachers and parents, and as such the emphasis on the home-page is on the most recent principal’s address. Each new principal’s address will take the place of the past one in the featured position on the homepage.

As the website needs to provide information to parents of current and future students in a manner which is easy to find and understand, there is a strong emphasis on drawing attention to the news pages.

Main Features:

This project involved:

  • WordPress theme customization
  • Integration of SSL
  • Customised front-page widget area
  • Custom featured post integration
  • Responsive design


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